Monday, July 4, 2022

Nudism is Not Sexual

Nudity is our natural state. It has been as far back as recorded history considered not polite to do in public. However, the sexualization of nudity seems to be a more recent trend. Yes there has always been those who find it sexually stimulating to see naked people, but until modern times, this was quite rare.

Pornography is also very old, the oldest known pornographic images where wood cut prints that where sold in pubs on the down low. In the 1970's people started to look at porn more and it got a hold of the western culture.

By the 1980's with the spread of video cassette players, porn became very prolific. At this time the trend of allowing children to swim nude at lakes and at the YMCA became against the will of the people and was stopped for the most part.

With a heightened sexualization of the nude form came a sense of public outrage against it and nudism became sexualized in the eyes of a great number of people. There is to this day a good number or people in the western world who see nudists as exhibitionists. This is far from true. Real nudists do not get a sexual thrill by being seen nude or by seeing nudity.

Unfortunately as you can see on Twitter, there are a lot of people who use the term nudist when in reality they are exhibitionists. When you post photos of your erect member, or closeups of your genitals, or sexualized poses, it's not nudism.

More and more the nudism movement is being associated with sexuality and pornography. Again on Twitter there are porn bots sharing nudist images and steeling them for porn sites against the will of the people posting the images. This is not only shameful behavior, it's actually criminal behavior. But these sites are often in parts of the world where it is next to impossible to get them shut down or the records of who put them up.

Nudism is about being most comfortable with no clothing on. Social nudity has never ended in an orgy to my experience and I've been doing this for a very long time. I've been to many nudist camps and beaches over the year, I've not once seen anyone aroused or having sex. I've been to close to 100 gatherings on farms and so on as well, and not once did it become sexual.

With the rise of pornography there seems to be a direct relationship to the amount of people who find nudity to be sexual and the thinking that nudism is exhibitionism. The majority of people I hang out with online who post nude photos are doing so as a social expression of union of belief in the nudist way of life, it has nothing to do with sex.

I find it interesting that the arias of the western world that are the most conservative and the most outspoken about nudism, are also the places that have the largest apatite for phonography and the more disturbing the better for these conservative minded people. They scream shame while jacking off to father daughter porn videos. It is also no shock that a large number of people who abuse children are in the same group calling nudism sexual.

Be happy with your body and don't allow others to shame you with their wrong conceptions of nudism. Be free and be happy.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Getting Blocked For Who I follow and Why I Keep Following Them

Been seeing a lot of people I followed on Twitter as nudists, are actually exabitionists. I went back a way on their time line and saw only the obligatory nude photos, so thought them to be safe. After a while I started to enjoy their content as it's not all just nude photos. Then all the sudden on 4 or 5 of them, here it is, a hardon, or worse yet actual sex video clip. Sigh.

I'm not going to judge people on being sex positive in their content however, I just don't enjoy that sort of thing and it's full on true that some won't follow me because I follow them. I get it, you don't want to be linked to "porn".

But my thing is, I enjoy 98% of their content and I don't want to get rid of them in my feed over this, so I kept them.

To be clear, I'm not going to post any of that sort of content myself ever, I'll stick to just a nude now and then. Most of my posts have nothing to do with nudism at all, and most of the photos don't either. It's part of my life, but it's not all I want to say on Twitter.

I have to say I click like kind of a lot when people post that I follow. I make dang sure not to like any "porn" content however, so it does not show in my feed. I make it clear that I follow people who are into some strange stuff and some very adult stuff. I've had people follow me, then weeks later realize I'm following sex positive people and BLOCKED I am. It's all good, it's your Twitter and if you don't want someone who tolerates stuff they won't do themselves, then go ahead and block me - you need to keep your experience on Twitter as nice for you as possible.

To be honest some people get full on upset that a man posts a photo that has his genitals in it, and they themselves post photos (female) with their genitals visible. This confuses the hell out of me (BTW I've never posted a genital shot on Twitter in my life). It's part of their body and I'm not seeing an issue. That being said, I go out of my way not to show my genitals in my nudes on Twitter. But yes on other sites that are just for that kind of thing, I have in the past.

One last thought. It seems hard to fine anyone on Twitter that is just a nudist. They are either sex positive and will post naught things now and then, or they are super political and almost radical in their posting. I've unfollowed people in the past, because they started to post 30 or 40 posts in a row (a thread) ranting about things. Yeah, we all need to vent now and then, but if you make it your life mission, I'm out.

To sum up, I'm not going out of my way to follow sex positive people, but won't unfollow or block them for it if I find out later that is what they are. I'm also full on cool with people blocking me for any reason. 95% of my follows are people I'm interested in what they have to say, or images they post. I follow just as many if not more that post random photos that are very nice to look at - like flowers and so on. I also follow a few people who are political and yes some actual friends. If people are not cool with why I follow and want to block me - do it - I'm not going to get upset.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Music Time For This Part Time Nudist


It's music time. I actually listen to around 15 to 20 hours of music a week. Much more than my Netflix most weeks. But I have to admit I've not listened for a week so now I am. Been binging shows mostly.

Being a nudist in an apartment building can have its problems BTW. You can see in my window from a church. Public nudity is of course banned in the building. Having people come to the door is always a bother as I don't own a robe. I wish I could live in a place that was nudist friendly,but I just can't. So its part time for me sadly.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Loving Who I Am, and A Back Story

A nice drink of Whiskey while watching a horror film is always a pleasure.
A lot of people my size are ashamed of their body, but if you get into the mindset that it's OK to be in your skin, and to heck with what others think, life gets a lot better for you.
This is the big scar I have just beside a large hernia. The hernia won't be fixed any time soon as I'm at risk of not making it if they operate. So it's one more think that makes me not "average".
I originally gained weight after I hurt my back at the age of 9. I was actually extremely active at that time of my life and despite that, I kept the weight on. When I was in my late 20's, I hurt my back again and was then unable to exercise and I became sedentary. This was when I rapidly gained weight and the stretch marks showed up. In my late 30's I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and by that time could no longer work. Not long after I shot up to 550 lbs. Right now I'm around 380 lbs. So I've lost a great deal of weight, but I'll never be able to work again, and I really do miss working. Being fine with who I am and how I look is a big part of being happy in life. Being nude is the natural state of being and it feels right. I've been a nudist since I was a small child, so was my Dad and my Brother. Mom did not partake, as she had a lot of hang-ups from being raised Catholic. We never went to nudist vacation spots however, I started to do that on my own in my late teens (19). Not it's just a thing around the apartment, but it's who I am and how I wish to be. Peace and dare to be you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Nudism, Body Positive, and More

Recently had to inform someone that Twitter allows Nudity and Sexuality in it's posts. The rules are you set your profile to "may contain sensitive material", and do NOT post a nude profile pic or banner pic. It is also nice of you to day you are a nudist in your bio, if you ask me.

The fellow seems to have a lot of hang-ups about public nudity and posting nudity online. I find this interesting from someone who watches porn. But then again, I don't actually care for porn at all, I find it dull as hell.

His thing is, "Twitter is social media". Well yes it is, and it allows this. His other thing is, "Children might see it". Yes they might, and this is on the parents for not monitoring what their children do online. The majority of content I encounter on Twitter is for adults. Not just the nudists I follow, but news, art, and even talking about kink.

Honestly I literally can't see the deal here. It's a site who allows the content, so why am I going to worry about children seeing it? I'm not.

As well, if you set your profile to automatically see sensitive content, do NOT bitch you saw a nude person. Seriously. Do you go to an art gallery and scream at the staff that there is a nude painting? Don't be ridiculous.

Personally I find that nudity is not inappropriate at the best of times, but I've been a nudist my entire life. This being said, I keep in the limits of society. I'm not one to push the bounds and go for a walk nude in the park. I also don't tend to post shots that show my genitals. I've posted full body on Instagram and Twitter, but never showing the genitals.

Yes, I've posted genital shots in the past online, and even bondage photos of myself all tied up. They where not on Twitter, but on a designated adult site.

I am fine with showing everything personally, I just don't do it on Twitter. I do have to wonder about people who call themselves nudists that post sexually suggestive poses or shots of just their genitals. Seems they are exhibitionists, not nudists to me.

This blog is specifically for the purpose of promoting the nudist lifestyle, and body positivity. People deserve to be proud of their body and should not be shamed, because they don't happen to look like someone in the movies. We are all humans and all deserve a fundamental level of respect, until our actions demand otherwise.

Speaking of body positive, here are some shots from today.

Pusheen is always watching over me when I sleep.

Monday, February 21, 2022


Positive body image is what I'm about. I love who I am and am at total peace with how I look. It is sad that most people in our society have issues with their body in some manner or not. Often for men, it's the size of their penis. I am extremely average, but because I'm also extremely overweight, it looks to say the least tiny. I could care less what someone thinks of my misshapen body, or it's parts. The best part of the nudist community is how accepting they are of different body types. Below are a few photos and commentary. I'm sadly a "part time nudist" by necessity, and wish I had the ability (AKA money) to live the lifestyle full time. My entire life I was told it was OK to be nude, I was never shamed into hiding my body, but I was thought the limits of being in a society that does not condone nudity in public. My father and my brother and I where often nude in the evenings in our family home of my youth. My mother had deep rooted hang-ups about it as she was raised "very catholic".

Sleeping nude is the only way to go. It is just a better sleep that way. It's been said it is more healthy for you as well.
Wake up every morning to the site of my stuffed toys on the dresser that all have a special meaning to me. The dog and the bear where Moms. The cow I got when Mom was in the hospital and she almost died. The Pusheen is a remembrance of my not passed on Mother.
Trying to get the best photo for me in bed was tough. It's hard to hold the phone still for me as my hands are not steady, so here is a blurry shot of me in bed.
First thing to do in the morning is to make the coffee in my Moka pot. I love a nice strong cup of coffee to start the day with.
I mostly eat what I call "bean mix", it's lentils cooked with frozen mixed veggies, then a large can of crushed tomatoes, and a large can of stewed tomatoes. I often hit it with some hot sauce as I consume it. A batch has 2 cups of dry lentils, and 4 cups of frozen veggies BTW. It makes 6 servings and normally it's all I eat 3 times a day. Some find this dull, but I am used to it and it's actually healthy eating.
Rule number one of being naked when you are doing things in your apartment is have the blinds closed. I'm on the first floor (20 up to my window), and although it's not possible to see in from the parking lot, it is from the church windows across the parking lot, so I ALWAYS have the blinds either fully shut or mostly shut when I'm nude in my apartment. I want to respect others and not just toss my nude body in their face, unless they come to a blog like this, and in that case, they are looking for it. I do not even remotely think nudity is a social setting is dirty or wrong, but not all of society thinks like me, and I respect that.
Blinds are open so I can have natural light and I am dressed for the day. I spend the daylight hours with clothing on, as you have no idea how many times someone comes to my door, and I need the sunlight to keep me from being too depressed, so I compromise. As for the door, I seem to be the one who opens jars and bottles for people on the floor. I'm glad to help and I enjoy interacting with people. I often end up talking to others in the lobby or the laundry, and it's fun for me, even though I am rather shy in real life, I make myself interact and it's worth it. If I had a perfect life with all the money I'd ever need, I'd move to a place that was a nude friendly environment. I miss the days of being at nude resorts and nude camping - not to mention nude events on peoples farms and acreages. Most of the people I enjoyed the nude life with are either dead or moved far away. I can't afford to travel to camps and so on, so here I am, a part time nudist (sadly).

Nudism is Not Sexual

Nudity is our natural state. It has been as far back as recorded history considered not polite to do in public. However, the sexualization o...